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January 07, 2008


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Hey Paul,

The idea of a FB app is neat if it does more than display feeds.

The problem I have with BlogFuse is that seems to be all it does, create an app with your updates. Then you have to market the app -- cool if you've already got tons of fans who are also FB savvy, but not so much if you're just looking to get your posts on your page.

If you just want your posts on your page, you can import them automatically. If you are hoping to extend your reach in FB, you can install one of the apps being marketed that already does this.

Flog Blog is nice, but my favorite is Blog Friends- the display is nicer, your reach is farther than your network, and it's on the fritz far less often. I'd say install them both and then hide the one you don't like rather than uninstall it.

I'm sending you something that shows the ins and outs of them both.

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