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January 10, 2008


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Lisa Sanderson

Interesting, Paul. My blog has a much different audience so my traffic is mostly from search engines. I have hyper-local real estate info that I have consciously targeted to certain keywords, knowing there was a lack of info out there on them. Unfortunately (or may fortunately, depending on how you look at it) my posts don't really appeal to my fb sphere who aren't looking for my kind of info. It is great that you are getting that traffic. But you do deserve it as you provide a lot of awesome info. Just like you did in another medium in 'Realty Blogging'. Thanks for all you've taught me!

Paul Chaney

Lisa, you've made my day. Thanks for that very nice comment. I truly appreciate it.

Laurie Manny

Hi Paul,

A number of those FB hits are from me, lol! Your audience, lenders and other vendors would be well advised to follow your lead and post to social networking sites to market to Realtors or others in their field of expertise. Brian Brady and I discuss this all of the time.

As a Realtor, the local consumer I am targeting is out there on the search engines or is in my local database. Like Lisa my blog is hyper-local and I strive to keep it that way. There are no social networking posts, posts about blogging, etc... on my local blog.

While the stumbled upon, FB, AR & Localism hits are nice I tend to feel that they can skew the actual reality of the results. I do so love to play with them and manipulate results just for fun though. The right manipulation can catapult a post to page one-several times over and capture a lot of traffic. Ok, so I spend way too much time on my puter, lol...

Several months ago I began to leave a footer on my AR consumer posts with links into my lead generation system on my Long Beach blog. The result of this has been amazing. Now the bulk of the hits coming from AR & Localism are going into the lead gen areas. This is a far better scenario for my business.

I check where the hits are coming from all of the time, both from referrers and from the search engines. It is critical to know what the consumer is searching for when producing a hyper-local blog.

The largest amount of consumer hits come in on local area posts. Community information and Market Reports do very well.

Hyper local blogs can be a bit boring, but that is why so many of us play on the social networking sites.

Paul Chaney

Laurie, you should become a consultant! You've got a lot of knowledge working for you.

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