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February 02, 2008


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the link. I personally get tagged all the time without a mention of me in the note. The reason why people get upset is that when they are tagged, a notification about the note shows up in their Mini-feed. I personally don't mind - if a person knows how Facebook works, they'll know that I'm not necessarily endorsing that post. But I try to be cautious about when I'm tagging other people unless they know me well enough to see that I am not trying to exploit them.

No matter what you do, sometimes you can't avoid someone, somewhere, being offended. But you always have such good intentions that such an innocent faux pas hopefully wouldn't surpass their previous knowledge of you as a stand-up guy. :)

Paul Chaney

Tinu, thanks for the encouragement and the wisdom of your comments. It's just that, not everyone knows what a stand-up guy I am.

Ann Handley

Paul -- I'm not so sure about that.... EVERYONE knows you are a stand up guy!

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