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February 04, 2008


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loren nason

I remember you twittering about your facebook mistake.

What makes the difference though is that you listened to the complaint and have/will adjust what you do.

there are a few people i follow on twitter and all they do is announce posts. It is annoying.

what matters most and it is what you did is listen to people that you are marketing to and make sure not to upset them

Paul Chaney

Loren, thanks for the comment. Listening is probably the first thing social media marketers ought to do. Participation is the next thing.


We all make mistakes,initially when I went online at facebook about a year ago, I signed myself up as my corp. name to hold it, but soon learned no one was going to add me- even my friends, I changed it and was welcomed in, oops.

But please be sure you keep updating your twitter with blog updates, it's how we know up to the minute what is happening NOW! This is the thing I love most about Twitter, and it is great incentive to write great material and you get immediate feedback. Thanks for the trackback. Twit ya later, Paul

Chris Brogan...

The joke with me is that you have to take me everywhere twice. The second time is to apologize.

It's a lot about listening, and it's a lot about getting the flavor right and moving with it. You are clearly working on things, and it's great to see a post like this. Tells people that they don't have to be perfect out of the gate. : )

Paul Chaney

Thank Benn and Chris for your comments. We're all learning to navigate largely uncharted waters. While you two are quick studies to be sure, some of us are slow on the uptake. (Uh, that would be me in particular.)

My purpose in doing this blog was as a tool for learning. I am definitely a student where social media is concerned, and sometimes wear the dunce cap and sit in the corner.


Paul, thank you for this article. I think that people should act the same on an online social network as they would at a networking breakfast or event. You can't just run around the room and push your flyers and business cards in people's faces without introducing yourself first.

Like you said, we are all learning how to navigate uncharted waters. Fortunately, most of the real estate social media community is forgiving and are willing to share great tips like you have in this blog.

Paul Chaney


Your comments are appreciated. While there may be a few bona fide "experts" in social media, most of us are just learning the ropes. There's room for forgiveness to be sure.

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