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February 21, 2008


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Sarah Cooper

I'm very selective about who I connect with on social sites because I don't care to be thought of as a lead. I do love a free exchange of ideas and a little goofing off, and I very much enjoyed chatting with you this afternoon. :)

Bob Carney

Hi Paul,

I have been really busy working on my blog at http://blahblahblah. Sorry we could catch up sooner. I have been really trying hard to push my product...not on you. Just in general. But if you're interested in my product you can check it out....

SPAM eggs and SPAM, Eggs, SPAM and SPAM.

I hate SPAM.

Paul Chaney

@Sarah - The pleasure was all mine. I enjoyed it very much.

@Bob - Too funny. Exactly my point. I think. :-)

Kristal Kraft

I was listening to a tele-seminar by Seth Godin last week. He said people that try to blend the old selling method with the new will fail.

I must agree. Either we do things all the "old sales way" or the "new media way". They really don't mix.

It's ok to be sold to when you expect it, but to have to be "on guard" on FB is a pain.

One thing is for sure, I've become intimate with the DELETE key! :)

Paul Chaney

@Kristal - Yep, just like Seth said, you end up with a "meatball sundae." New wine in old wineskins is how the Bible put it. Or, in this case, the converse is true: Old marketing in new marketing wineskins.

marti garaughty

Hi Paul, this post is fairly timely for me as I'm in the process of thinning the herd of online "friends".

Not a day goes by that I don't get a few "friend" invites from peopoe I've never heard of on various social networking sites.

Right now I'm getting ready to launch a new blog/website and seriously re-thinking the whole social networking thing so it doesn't eat up any more of my already limited time.

Our time is more valuable than money because we can make any more of it. Very insightful post BTW!

Paul Chaney

@Marti - I'm not ready to thin out my list of friends, but I can see where that might be needful in order to maintain quality relationships.

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