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April 17, 2008


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Susan Reynolds

Paul, thanks for the review - it was helpful to learn about this.

It's hard to find the app when you're IN facebook. I seemed to remember your tweet about typepad having a new facebook app but the only way I found it was to google - and I found YOU and the right information.

Just tried it out & it worked fine w/ typepad http://www.artsyasylum.com - twitter http://twitter.com/susanreynolds & tumblr too http://tynanclary.tumblr.com/

Now if we can get it to post to soup.io I'll be happy. Thanks for the pointer to this.

Paul Chaney

Susan - Your wish is my command. Anything I can do to help one of my favorite people I'm happy to do. Glad you found it helpful.

David Recordon

Paul, thanks for taking the time to write about Blog It, the "powered by TypePad" will become more clear over time. We've also now updated Blog It to support Markdown so people can use a more familiar syntax than HTML.

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