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May 08, 2008


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Missy Caulk

Thanks for the info, was sure about the strike through, but now I know. I saw a huge strike through on AR yesterday by Bob Stewart and now I know it means let the record stand.

Yvonne DiVita

All to the good, Paul. I also tell people that when you make a correction, folks who subscribe via RSS get an 'update' and without a strikethrough, they will likely wonder what the heck... strikethroughs are a form of politeness, IMHO. Even with a minor typo...how will I know, if you don't alert me? If you make me think, I'm likely to get annoyed.

Strike away! (although I, too, have gotten lazy and either don't fix typos - of fix'em and forget to use strikeout! Mea culpa!)

Martin Diano

I had no idea, Paul, about using the strikethrough function on a blog. Thanks for enlightening us all.

Ann Handley

My take on strikethrough is similar to yours, Paul: that it's a judgment call. If you correct an error that alters the meaning of the text, consider a strikethrough. If you correct typos or otherwise insignificant errors, there's no need.


Thank you for the linking love. It is always nice when someone finds something on my blog helpful. I think strikethrough is still used by a great deal of bloggers.


Thanks for the history lesson. I can appreciate the ironic use of the strike-through even more now that I understand the origins.

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