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June 03, 2008


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Barbara Ling

There was a big to-do about this a few weeks ago in the blogosphere, I remember.

I get around it by offering a How to Pitch Me page. So far, it seems to help.




Thinking of starting a bad blogger pitch wiki .. what do you think ;-) maybe not it .. would over load the server in a day! seriously, I think it comes down to 2 issues: the people who have not a clue that bloggers are not media and play by different rules and the people who have no respect for bloggers but see us as "easy free publicity."

Elana Centor wrote a great post in reaction to a post on Diva Marketing that should be mandatory reading for all people who pitch bloggers. Although she highlights the post it is not really about "me" but the bigger picture of what can happen if your pitch goes wide. http://tinyurl.com/6bud9v

Paul Chaney

@Barbara - I like the idea of a "how to pitch me" page. However, I wonder whether those who don't take time to get to know the blogger to begin with would take the time to read such a page.

@Toby - I think you've hit the nail on the head. Ignorance of the blogosphere etiquette and lack of respect. Good points.

Susan Getgood


I've been doing a series on my blog for the past month on this very topic. It flowed out of a panel that I was on at BlogHer called Improve this Pitch.


The quote:

"I have read through some articles of your blog,"

...is also highly suspect.

He didn't read your posts.

He read "through" them. Yuch!


Paul, this is HUGE in my book and I sometimes find the pitch offensive. I can be understanding and know how new comers do make the mistake....but soften up the approach!!

I had a Cuban tile flooring company contact me about an Cuban Tile Roofing article I wrote.....they totally got that one wrong! I was embarrassed on their behalf.

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