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June 24, 2008


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Brian Brady

"Plus, it helps us manage our online reputation. Consistently created content drives down the chance that something critical that's been said about us will rank highly. Barring the breakout of a viral storm of criticism, negative content is literally overwhelmed"

I didn't even think of this option. That's a very good reason for updated and adding content

helen mcglasson

Hey Paul,
I was wondering what might be the most effective way to use social networking?

I have a profile on Blogcatalog which I use the most, and Facebook, which I use less, and Ive just signed up with Splurk as I like the short sharp update aspect of it.

I want to spread word of my business, which is publishing my own children's books.

My target audience is primarily parents and teachers, but includes anyone who buys books for kids aged 3-8.

Would you suggest networking specifically where those parents and teachers are, or where my own interests take me?

It's such a huge place out there, and I only have limited time to spend each week on this.
How can I be most effective.?

Is it a matter of being very pro active in a few places, or graze on much larger areas?
What would you advise? I would be really interested in your views as this is something I have been struggling with for a while.

Paul Chaney


Thanks for those questions. Here's my take and I welcome others to chime in.

The money is in the niches. While your books may have mass appeal, as you suggest you don't have the time (nor the budget I imagine) to reach a mass audience. That's why I would concentrate my efforts on participating in social networks where parents of young children are to be found. "Mommy and Me" might be one example.

I would also start blogging. That's still one of the best ways (if not the best way) to establish your credibility as an author. But, I wouldn't limit it to blogging. Participating in social networks, commenting on other topically-related blogs,etc. are all ways to build some name recognition.

A couple of other ideas...

Free book offer - That's one way to build some word-of-mouth

Advertising - You might also consider advertising on some of these niche social networks. I'd hold off on that until you see where the other gets you.

Lastly, I'd join LinkedIn and network with other authors. Join Twitter and Plurk as well.

I believe wholeheartedly that "conversations lead to clients," or in your case, customers.

Wayne Hurlbert

Hi Helen. Blog book tours, where reviews of your book appear on several blogs over the course of the week, along with interviews featuring you and the blogger, are proven book marketing techniques. The blog book tour should focus on blogs in your niche market, including family blogs, parenting blogs, educational blogs, book blogs, and so on. Build a blog tour theme.

Many family oriented internet radio shows are seeking guests. You could contact the PR department of such internet radio networks as BlogTalkRadio and Talk Shoe. A quick Google search will turn up several. Their PR reps will send your request to several related hosts. You can listen to and comment on some shows and become known to the host, and approach the hosts directly as well.

Are you blogging, and using Twitter and other social media tools to build relationships with other bloggers? You can create podcasts (Audacity is free) and do virtual readings from your book, and place the podcast on your blog for download. You can do virtual readings, and create a book trailer on YouTube as well.

As with creating a blog book tour on your own, be sure to build a relationship with the bloggers and hosts in advance to build trust and to get to know one another.

All my best on the success your book.

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