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June 25, 2008


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May be it's turning too fast. Which is a sign of a market that's not yet mature and super fragmented with everybody trying to push their own spin around blog/rss/social network/sharing - Recently stumbled on this amazing list of web2.0 applications that goes on and on (and am sure tons are about to be added to the list in the coming month) http://go2web20.net

Mari Smtih

Interesting citations from Groundswell. The book is on my to-get-first list just as soon as my Kindle arrives next week. (Ordering books on the road became to big of a PITA). LOL

I can understand what Charlene & Josh say about online entrepreneurs being competitive and rushing to be the first. However, I believe each of us needs to focus on our passion and brand as standalone and let all these myriad socnet platforms serve as just that - platforms to further propagate our existing message. I'm consistently amazed at how many new "gurus" spring up claiming to be an expert on social media. Each to their own.

20 Things 4 Website Success

Things are getting a little out of control and I would be lost without Friend Feed and Google Reader to manage everything in a time efficient way for me.

Accessing your favorite Social Media Site can be the most unproductive thing you will do all day, and then sometimes you get that one effort that returns exponential results.

I related to Mari's comment - "I'm consistently amazed at how many new "gurus" spring up claiming to be an expert on social media."

Beth Harte

Paul, kicking and screaming? It wasn't that bad was it?! And now you are a fan! Unlike Twitter, which I consider a broadcast tool only, Plurk has threaded conversations...and PlurkShops! Next time, I am sure it'll be me following you to the next cool app, which I am sure you'll tell me about on a Plurk thread!

Ricardo Bueno

My all-time favorite social media tool will always be LinkedIn (speaking of which I should do some housekeeping on it). Facebook is great for generating traffic as is Twitter.

The others I'm not involving myself with so much. Is it hindering? Maybe. With a vast array of social media tools out there, the best you can do is find the ones that are "right for the job"...right for you...and focus on using those to your advancement.

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