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July 14, 2008


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Beth Harte

Hi Paul, I am honored to be included amongst so many amazing and pioneering women! Thank you so much. Social media tools like Plurk have allowed me to meet, learn, brainstorm, and (most important) become friends with so many wonderfully smart & kind people—women & men like yourself. And now, I am off to check out Savvy Auntie...as a new aunt, I can sure use their advice & tips! Also looking forward to getting to meet other cool aunts. Thanks for the tip!


Paul~ Great post and yes, I believe that women are leading the social media craze because they are exactly the movers, shakers, and networkers that this industry needs to work. It truly is about the relationships and I am looking forward to getting to know these women better too.

Cheryl Allin

Paul - Terrific post! I found it via Friend Feed We tech chicks love social media and it's terrific to meet and learn from other amazing women in the industry.

Connie Reece

Thanks for including me in this post, Paul. I am so happy we had the opportunity to meet while you were in Austin, and hope we can do it again.

Wayne Hurlbert

It's great to see you highlighting of some of the countless women who are leading the social media parade. I am honoured and privileged to know most of them and to share their ideas.

Women are natural networkers and relationship builders and social media looks like it was created with women mind. It's great to see social media in action, and the wonderful women who are at the vanguard of the revolution.

Paul Chaney

These women really inspire me. For years now I've felt women really "get" the spirit of social media moreso than men.


Do you know what I love about you? The fact that you go out of your way to recognize people and make them feel great!
I'm with Beth, a great honor not only to be found in such great company, but to be included in your blog.
Now off to find another social platform to have fun in! :)

Paul Chaney

Ines, and all this time I thought it was my good looks and charming demeanor. :-)

It's always been my desire to shine the spotlight on others who are deserving of recognition and accolades. Plus, as I hope all of my friends know, I place great value on our relationship. It's a way in which I can say "thank you."

Melissa Ward

Paul - great post.. and excellent points - women are more relationship oriented, I think there is a lot to learn from each other. Melissa


Paul - Thank you for your kind words and inclusion in a post with so many women I too admire. What I appreciated most about your post was that it was not a "top/best list" but acknowledging people who you know/met/read. Personally, this means more to me than any of the 'influencer lists' making the rounds this summer.

Amber Naslund

Paul, thank you so much for including me in your post! I'm flattered to be in such esteemed company. It's been my pleasure to share and be part of your community, and I'm looking forward to lots more fun ahead!

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