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July 22, 2008


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Alex -S-

Unfortunately i agree - Twitter has become like a big RSS reader. The conversational element of it still happens, but more and more it's "read this" "look at that" etc etc - kinda turning me off!

I also suck at keeping up with feeds, but still persevere with G-reader. Feedly helps out somewhat by fooling me into thinking i'm reading a regular website with all the new top stories I want to read, right there for me.

My philosophy is simple - i follow peoples "genuine" RSS feeds to learn from them and follow their tweets (or plurks) to engage with them, find out more about them, the next level if you will -and when those tweets just become news - i might as well shift back to attempting to keep up with their RSS feed instead.

Great veiwpoint tho -and hey, you made it to my feedly frontpage so it must have been something i wanted to read i guess :)

Ricardo Bueno

Twitter's an excellent way to stay on top of what's hot in social media! Though it can also be bombarded with spam and nonsense... You gotta follow the right people to break through the noise and find the one's with meaning.

I'll stick to my feedreader and I'll peek in every-so-often to see what's going on in the twitterverse as well.

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