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August 22, 2008


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Wayne Hurlbert

Thanks for giving this idea more exposure on your blog. With more people adding their thoughts and ideas to ours, we may be able to get something wonderful happening for everyone. A shared partnership between a corporation and an independent business person, that starts as a partnership, could grow and blossom into something very powerful.

The PR value alone should make this an attractive idea for community minded corporations. It's an opportunity to give something back and to share and help others. When people work together, we can achieve great things.

Chris Slocumb

A great idea that's long overdue given the growth of small consultancies and agencies. I just wouldn't want to be pitched the entire conference.

Paul Chaney

Wayne, I couldn't agree more. Recently, in fact, Hubspot gave four free registrations for the Inbound Marketing Summit to Ann Handley of MarketingProfs to give away. Not exactly the same thing you're talking about, but close.

I also have a friend who works with a vendor who is paying her way to BlogWorld. So, companies are catching on to the idea. Let's put some effort behind it to help it grow.

Chris, I don't see that happening. Some selective promotion perhaps, or what comes as the result of networking, but not overt shades of Amway pitching the entire time.

Ann Handley

This is an interesting idea, actually. Maybe a vendor who does business with you (or who wants to?) could foot the bill? Kinda a stepped-up version of tickets to a sporting event...

Plus, I'd love it, because I'd love to hang out with you.

(And of course, it's all about me.)

; )

Wayne Hurlbert

Paul, Hubspot providing four free registrations to Ann Handley at Marketing Profs is one of the ways the plan can work. I applaud Hubspot and Marketing Profs for their appreciation of helping others. I think the real power of the sponsorship concept is that it can be applied in unlimited variations. There is no limit on the creative ideas that attendees and corporations can develop to help everyone achieve their goals.

Chris, no one is expected to pitch the company all throughout the conference. Indeed, anything that blatant would create the opposite of good public relations.

Ann, a vendor seeking business would definitely be another variation on the theme. In fact, it would be game or theatre tickets on steroids. Of course Ann, everyone wants to hang with Paul Chaney. That's a given. :-)

Paul Chaney

This is a good idea which needs to be implemented. What kind of software could facilitate it? A "dating" site where sponsors and candidates could meet. We need a techie to help us figure it out.

Vicky H

That's one of the great things about a resource like twitter, because I think you learn so much about people.

I can see this working on several tiers. All I would say is that 'choose the right person' who represents what your company brand is and is going to sing your praises because they believe in what you do or what you did for them for much longer than the conference period.

I don't know all that much about PR and the like, but I know that throwing a newbie with drive, passion, w/ just enough crazy to hit it out of the ballpark.

I would wear your t-shirt with coordinating baseball hat, and yes, of course, I'm available :-)

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