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August 26, 2008


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Nathan McGee

This is a touchy subject and I have seen it abused. I think social media is perfect for lead generation, if done appropriately. I do not feel that it should be the sole reason for participating.

When incorporated with other avenues of social media, i.e. a simple plug at the end of a blog post or a news release to the blogosphere is appropriate. As the social media avenues fill up with corporate participation in blatant lead generation (widgets and other grabs for our attention) people will simply learn to filter it out much like they have with TV commercials and Banner adds.

Vicky H

I think that this is a rocky slope and what will define the brands that succeed and don't succeed in the next2 or 3 years. With Social Media there is a fine line between building your brand and killing your brand.

There are so many ways to communicate with your readers, via polls or other media. I think if you are 'listening' as Chris Brogan would say, you're likely to hear, but your business model has to be setup to 'really' listen and not just talk the talk.

I think this is an example of why smaller companies have one up on larger companies. We don't need the huge strategy with layers and layers. We can brand in a viral and use word of mouth more effectively.

What do you think?

Karen Swim

I do not profess to have the answers but your discussion raised interesting questions for me. My initial reaction toward social media for lead generation was from a high moral ground. However, as I mulled it over I am forced to admit, businesses exist to make money. No money, no business. It truly is that simple. We want them to not market to us, or at least do it nicely. We love it when they are socially responsible on a local and global scale. But none of that can happen unless people buy their products or services and how do they get you to buy? Well they market to you.

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