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August 18, 2008


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Paul -
Great reminded especially in this world of immediate gratification.To paraphrase a new client - trust of a brand is built over time. The same holds true for trust of "people" who really are heart of the brand. ROI is not an immediate result; but nor is it immediate with any other tactic (especially if the price tag is significant). Sometimes it seems that social media marketing is held to a higher standard. Sort of like kosher hot dogs .

Paul Chaney

I agree wholeheartedly Toby. Problem is, the sales people wants leads, leads and more leads. It's my job to deliver those via the Web site. My personal preference is to build relationships which can lead to growth long-term. Pressure is on to deliver in the short-term tho.


Do you think there are any celebrities that would be willing to do some Miamism time? ;)

Paul Chaney

Ines, you're the celebrity! Have you thought about trying to get guest posts from some of the local celebs and/or well-known Miami celebs? Don't know how feasible that would be, but if anyone could do it, you can.

Paul Dunn

I was attracted to this blog through the site name. It's a hot topic right now in our industry and with the growth of social media marketing, this is a natural. I'll be reading this blog regularly...

Paul Chaney

Paul, thanks for the kind comments. Glad to have you on board as a regular. (Great name btw)

Gordon Mullan

Picked up on this post due to the reference to personality marketing. I sure hope personality marketing works or my whole business model is screwed! ;-)

Great post and some interesting links - thanks!

Canister Set

Personality Marketing might be in its infancy to be measured correctly in terms of ROI. There are some general ideas which will in time be fine tuned to a science.

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