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September 05, 2008


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You make a good point Paul. Many times I hear about a blog post on Twitter or in Plurk and then am faced with responding where I heard or leaving a comment. Very occasionally I do both, particularly if the plurk or tweet was not made by the blogger, but usually I respond where I first heard about the blog.

Mark Eckenrode | HomeStomper

i had a similar occurrence several weeks ago where i asked for some feedback in a blog post... the post received a couple comments but i was surprised when i also received several replies on twitter, DMs on twitter, an email and even a phone call.

people will choose the communication channel the feel most comfortable... so we're back to the question: how do you track conversation?

Drew McLellan


I think much of this depends on the make-up of your readers. If your readers are primarily social media pros/bloggers, then I think you have a very valid point.

But if many of your readers live/work outside of the social media space, then I don't think comments are diminishing anywhere near as much.


Paul Chaney

I think the thread that's developing here is that people will use what they're most comfortable with or what is most expedient. The issue remains of how to catalog the conversation.

James Helms

Hi Paul, I think leaving comments are severely under rated. People can benefit from reading and leaving comments in a variety of ways.

So will commenting change as people harness tools like Seesmic and the ability to leave video comments?

Will tools like Disqus allow us to aggregate the comment data and combine comments across many sites concerning the same topics?

I think it's a great question and a great discussion. Thanks for the link to LinkedIn's blogger group, I haven't utilized the platform yet. Is it recommended?

Ari Herzog

When was the last time you walked into a bookstore with a significant repository of magazines and saw premiere issues of new titles?

Magazines don't appear without cause; and similarly, as long as that cause exists, there will be a reason for blogs and the community of people to comment on them.

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