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September 04, 2008


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Glenn in Naples

Hi Paul,

Saw your twit on this post. Living in Florida we face the same issues with a hurricane (watching Hurricane Ike at this time) as does the Gulf Coast states.

Will have to get the FEMA widget and add it to my blogs for clients outside the are that are concerned about their residences here.

Thorsten Claus

I'm not so sure if any of these widgets + servers + services are efficient enough to provide a communication means that will not harm emergency communications during a disaster on a scale like Katrina or Gustav. If this is offered "officially", you better make sure it works, otherwise friends + family will worry more than it actually helps.

One would have to make sure that all the precious air-time of mobile communications as well as other Internet communications still give enough bandwidth to emergency workers and response teams.

And when I'm saying "I'm not sure" that's what it means: I'm not sure :) It might be a good idea, but I've seen many good ideas failing on "simple" assumptions on bandwidth availability and network resilience...

Paul Chaney

Thorsten, your point is well-make. I realize that, while apps like Twitter are iffy, technologies such as RSS are pretty much stock-standard. I think it is certainly worth Louisiana's while to consider which of these tools to deploy.

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