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October 06, 2008


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Joe Pulizzi

Hi Paul...thanks for the opportunity to cover this important topic. Great stuff my friend.


Paul Chaney

Thank you Joe for your willingness to do this post. It's excellent! Great explanation of the difference.

Jon Burg

Conversational Marketing is about being conversatiable. That means either (a) being human, or (b) being remarkably compelling.

Content Marketing is about driving "stickiness" and relevance via otherwise engaging content that just happens to mention or feature your brand.

The two are connected, but then again, so is all marketing, isn't it?

Ricardo Bueno

It most certainly DOES start with great content! Great content is what attracts people to have a conversation to begin with. Lack that, and well, the conversation isn't going to be a good one (assuming you have one at all).


Really great post Joe but there is one thing it is very time consuming steps now we want dynamic results with in 4-to 6 months how its possible by conversation marketing?

Telemarketing Company

Great article content!Interesting and informative. It would be safe to say that soon we will see content marketing and conversation marketing slowly take over the traditional marketing approach. The way your potential customers think have changed. It is about time we all switch our approach to marketing and embrace both content marketing and conversation marketing as a prime marketing tool.


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