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November 15, 2008


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Jim Turner

"It probably wouldn’t play in a board room or with the CMO, but it worked pretty well in the small town where I grew up (pre-Internet days)."

Holy smokes Paul you can't possibly be that old! Well if so, I might just add that what worked THEN, will still work today. We just have different tools to work by and these tools change how we approach the same principle. I like the last paragraph and may steal it for my own use. Most of my customers are friends or have become friends through social media.

Paul Chaney

Jim, oh yea, I'm older than dirt! Feel free to steal away.

I'm cogitating over the notion of the Internet as this massive network of "small towns." Feel another post coming on!

Alex- The Blog Traffic Guy

For me, I focus lots of time on 3 ways: Blog SEO, WOMM and relationship building. These 3 ways have been giving me the most traffic. It is free and makes the most sense to me.

Blog SEO and WOMM is good for a blog which has high quality content. When I offer something valuable and useful to other people. People will start talking to their friends and linking to my blog. I get traffic from referrals and search engine at the same time.

The reason I love to build relationship with other bloggers because we both share the same passion: Blogging. Not all of them though. Some might be only interested in making money. I focused on relationship building nowadays because of one important lesson I learned from traffic "You can't do well in everything by your own". I can get traffic by my own easily but it will be struggling and it will not grow big easily.

Social media allows me to build relationship quickly with many people on the internet and access huge amount of traffic. That's one of the reason I love social media too :)

Paul Chaney

Alex, it sounds like you've drank the kool-aide for real! And, for good reason. This stuff works.


I'd have to agree with you Paul. I work for a software company and we are often faced with the challenge of determining the ROI on technology. Like SMM, it is often impossible to put a true value on some of the things we implement. Much of what we do has never been done before, so there is no real way to quantify its return since it is NEW. The technology may not have a direct affect on anything, but improves virtually everything. SMM can be an improvement to your entire marketing effort.

Paul Chaney

I believe SMM should stand for Social Media Matters, because it does. Hard to quantify, yes, but you can't tell me it doesn't have an effect on the bottom line.

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