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December 04, 2008


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Stephanie Edwards-Musa

Hi Paul,

Interesting, this makes me think. In a way, it is almost like ones blog is the branding behind their other social network sites. IMO. I don't think blogging will die, it will just transform like everything else has.

I can't imagine marketing through social media without it. It's kind of fun to sit on the sidelines and watch it all :)and I totally agree about niche marketing. I think it's near impossible to market to the masses now unless you have the money of Exxon, Coca Cola or Walmart- and why would most brands want to?

Paul Chaney

It is exactly that Stephanie, and thanks for making that point considering the fact I failed to.

Blogging will either transform or die and, based on at least one of the points make above, I believe the former is the case.


I'll refrain from a tirade. My new goal is "let it go and just get going." But I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Both support relationships and conversation. But one is a snapshot in time - instant gratification, if you will.

The blog is a big picture - the place you come it sit and visit a bit. If there is a casual and/or renewed relationship from the micro stage, that's more likely to happen.

Drive-bys don't build the relationships we are looking for.

Take the cocktail party analogy, again. Once we've been introduced and found a common ground, the relationship grows in different venues - lunches, dinners, joint (ad)ventures,a sharing of ideas, becoming mutual sounding boards.

As in life, sometimes you need more than 140 characters. Sure, you can do that on Facebook and LinkedIn, but they don't have the powerful flexibility a CMS-like blog does.

And when it comes to marketing, as a consumer, I may find you via FB, LI, or Twitter - but I'm looking for your credibility and value on your blog baby.

It is both/and not either/or.

Jim Turner

Paul the title of this article was pricdeless. I liken it to my kids arguing. "Oh yeah well if I'm dead then so are you!"

Actually loved this piece. My blog has established be as an expert in my niche. People find me through Google. They look for someone in my area, and since my blog comes up first in most results for my area of practice, they equate that to being a leader in the industry. Whether that be true or not, it is reality, and to many customers, that perception is reality.

Paul Chaney

I'm 100% in agreement with you Jim, including the part about you being a leader in the industry. You are indeed!

Paul Chaney

Great analogies all around Lisa. "snapshot," "big picture," "drive-bys"...you put it much better than I. Thanks.

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