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December 08, 2008


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Paul Chaney

A whole bunch of you responded to my query on both Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!


Hey I think this is an excellent idea--I like the idea of crowdsourcing the whole thing. If I were a restaurant I'd announce the specials

Also, a friend who works at Yelp! in the valley told me that she gets text messages from the local bakery when they take cookies out of the oven so she can run out and get 'em when they are warm. So cool

Paul Chaney

There are so many ways a retailer could use Twitter. A friend of mine who works with Nordstroms talked about using Twitter for in-store customer service. A customer walks in, needs help with something, sends a tweet to @joeatnordstroms and, voila, help arrives in short order. A virtual concierge.

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