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December 23, 2008


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Dat To

It's amazing that you can get that many responses by posing a question on twitter! That's instant polling for feedback. Were most of these people on your list of followers, or did they come from all over to answer this question?
Thank you for the link to the case study and the pdf- you packed this post with tons of great information.
A thank you to all those who replied and offered so many nuggets!


Awesome post....I sent this to my husband (who owns a restaurant)

Salt Lake Eats Restaurant Guide and Foodie Community

Nice work compiling this list! Through my web business, I'm working to educate and assist Salt Lake City restaurants to integrate social media and online marketing, and will put all these ideas to good use for my clients!

Paul Chaney

Let me know how it goes. And to @Dat To, yes, it is amazing how well Twitter serves as a feedback mechanism.


I would say the most important part (or the challenge) in using social media (especially Twitter) with an offline business, such as a restaurant, is the TEACHING part.

Most regular (non tech savvy) folks don't use Twitter, or even know what it is. So the first part in adapting it to an eatery or dry cleaner or flower shop , etc. is teaching customers about it. Otherwise it will go unused.

A family member of mine runs a restaurant in a small town and it has proven to be a challenge to use such high tech tools. I suppose also it is super important to make sure the BOSS and STAFF are on board as well.

But Twitter can be a great tool for restaurants to reach people where they are at, to announce specials, contests, get feedback, etc.

Wish my father in law could (would) see the value in it.

Mike Rotatori

I am in the process of developing a web application that allows for people to tweet their orders to a restaurant. If interested please contact me at mjrotatori@yahoo.com. My website is http://www.twittertogo.com. I have one interested restaurant in Boston already. Looking to kick this off.

Mike rotatori

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