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January 29, 2009


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David Alston

Hey there Paul,

Alas we do miss out on some great conferences. We'll have to look into attending next year perhaps. Unfortunately, only so much time and resources to spread around and we certainly do try to attend as many as possible. It's definitely great to have folks like yourself who are familiar with what we do at the shows in case a question does pop up about us.

Thanks for the highlights. And we'll no doubt see you at another show very soon - we certainly have quite the roster of them to attend in the next few months.

Thanks Paul.



Sonny Gill

Nice wrapup, Paul.

In regards w/the Twitter business model, I think the biggest thing that sticks out is the 'freemium' model. Offer a paid channel that gives up specific features/stability/premium access - and they'd be in business. I'm pretty confident a big portion of the 'power' users would be willing to pay up for that.

Paul Chaney

The freemium model does work. One thing that has to be in whatever is rolled out is the ability to send DM to a group. Imagine Tweetdeck taking that functionality and building it into their existing interface. Sweet!

Paul Chaney

I don't fault you for not being there, so it's not a criticism. I do think you should take a good, hard look at the event next year though. It was a great event, one-day, in and out, with an audience consisting of the market your company wants to reach. Hey, just lookin' out for you my friend.

Plus, I love sticking the term Radian6 in stuff just to see how quickly you respond. You get an A+! :)

Connie Bensen

Hi Paul,
I saw your note on Twitter.
It sounds like a great event! Thanks for the overview.

I have an itinerary lined up & as David said it's about time & resources.

Thanks for mentioning Techrigy!
Community Strategist

Paul Chaney

Connie, happy to mention you. I'd really advise putting this one on the list of possibles. I mean, you should have heard it. Almost every session, without exception, included some discussion of listening as an essential element in advertising/marketing going forward. One session was even devoted to it.

But, I'm an opportunist and try to see opportunity when and where it exists. I believe OMMA Social is one to consider for future event planning.

Perry Hewitt

Paul, it was great to see you in SF. I agree that Cathy and the team did a great job pulling the agenda together.

We hope stay connected with all the great folks we met, especially from the agencies trying to put together solutions for monitoring and engagement. And we're working on the Crimson Hexagon 60s theme song!


Paul Chaney

And you as well Perry. Honestly, every time I hear your company's name I start humming "Crystal Blue Persuasion." Guess I'm really telling my age now. But, hey, I'm a child of the late sixties, early seventies and proud of it!

BTW, be on the alert for a new video series coming to an Internet screen near you, produced by the soon to be renowned studio, Bizzuka films, with executive producers John Munsell and yours truly. You, along with David Alston, was one of the stars. More later.

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