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February 10, 2009


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John Flynn

I think advertising will be come more like content. Becoming a trust agent (Chris Brogan) and adding great content to social media networks will become the new advertising. Not just pounding a simple message to the masses but to educate like minded people in an area that they are interested in (like buying a HD-TV).

Paul Chaney

What is the revenue model relative to that approach? Are Chris' recommendations tantamount to pure word of mouth, or is he being recompensed by a sponsoring organization?

Matt Johnson


I think you are 100% correct. Advertising is adapting to social media. It is very clear that traditional online advertising strategies won't work in this space.

We've created a short video titled, "The Social Network Advertising Problem Made Simple". You can view it at http://www.uVizz.com

Best Regards,

Matt Johnson

Paul Chaney

OK, Matt. You have my attention. I checked out your video and you explain the problem clearly and succinctly. I'll be watching. You better deliver! :)

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