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March 03, 2009


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Colby Gergen

I keep reading about blogs about how Skittles.com is not original because Modernista did it first. Although this is true in the strictest sense, that Skittles did not originate this idea, there is a huge difference between Modernista, an advertising company that is only targeting a specific industry of people, and Skittles, who is targeting, well, everyone with a sweet tooth. Skittles.com IS original, bold, and different because this is the first main-stream product to attempt this approach. Joe Wurtz-whatever has no idea what Modernista is, but damn sure he know what Skittles are. The Skittles.com experience and results will play a major role in companies like Jelly Belly, Reeses, Tide, etc. determining their strategies and if they want to follow suit. As for reasons I don't like the new Skittles.com, you can read my blog about it at http://cramobservations.wordpress.com . Something I failed to get on to in my hurry of posting between homework was what Skittles did right: they jumped in the deep end and made a splash. They didn't dabble around in the kiddie pool, waiting for someone else to check the deep end for safety. They did it first, and they are getting all of the buzz about it because of that. If Jelly Belly does adopt this eventually, it might make ripples, but not the waves that Skittles made. So in that sense, I like the Skittles.com strategy, but as I talk about in my blog, there is still reason for concern and reworking.

Now, back to reading about inequality in the family structure. haha, have a good afternoon

Air Yeezy

I am seeing more and more lately on the importance of color or a color palette in comveying your brand identity. This summary from the Branding Strategy Insider is well worth a skim.

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