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June 25, 2009


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Tyler Willis

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the post -- I responded to your request for more info, but wanted to clarify here as well.

Involver Free will still be entirely available, however it will have some restrictions in order to encourage upgrades for heavy users. Those restrictions are:

1) No Custom Branding
2) No more than 2 apps
3) No use of coupons or polls applications

The pro product will have those restrictions removed and will be joined by some great new features like automatic status updates.

Hope this clarifies, I know how hard it is to move from a free product to a paid model (Josh Kopelman's Penny Gap) and I'm happy to personally answer any questions that you or your readers might have: tyler@involver.com

Thanks for being such a passionate user Paul!

Paul Chaney

Thanks for the clarification Matt. I have to admit that I groan just a bit at the 2 app restriction. I'll get over it I'm sure. :-) Bottom line: You have a great product that's affordable to small business. For that I'm appreciative.

Ana Pierre Relation

Not all that tragic, 2 apps is still ok.

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