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June 02, 2009


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Laura Bergells

When something tickles my fancy, I hit the favorite button -- and make a point of telling the person I gave them a gold star!

Does that mean I use it to:

1) pause to reflect on great ideas and
2) build relationships?

Denise Wakeman

I also use Favorites as a way to tracking testimonials. It's very powerful to be able to capture a screen shot of real time tweets and add them to a sales page.

Bob Cargill

Excellent post, Paul! Thanks for the heads-up. I had never really paid much attention to the Favorites option on my Twitter interface. But after reading this post, I immediately scrolled through my list of updates and starred a number of them as “favorites,” thanks to you. I highlighted ones in which my tweeps wrote especially meaningful tweets to me. My next step is to flag some of my outgoing tweets, too, so that altogether, my Favorites will serve as a sort of “best of” portfolio of tweets.

Like I said in my tweet the other day about you, Paul, you are a kind, generous man and it comes across in your social media activities. You have so much to share with others. Thanks again.

Paul Chaney

@Bob - Thanks for saying such nice things about me. Tweet that would you, so I can add it to my Favorites! :-)

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