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July 22, 2009


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Looks good quality - i am always looking out for a bargin. If it has the features of the more expensive models then for the sake a brand name ...this would be my choice of camera!


You should submit this video to http://www.adwido.com


I just want to say that what a beautiful colors over here!! Colorful features with colorful models! I just love it. This February,on my wife's birthday, I am going to give surprise gift to her. She will love it. I am sure about that! Thank you very much for giving a option to select a my wife's gift!


This little camcorder is a GEM! I really am amazed at how good it is. Very light weight, great battery life (like 3 hours) , and excellent video quality.

When I took this guy out of the box, I read the quick start guide that came with it and quickly learned several things.
1. It needs to be charged before use (even though when I turned it on, it was at 75%).
2. The power on/off switch is a sliding switch on the right side of it. It's kind of springy, and you just slide it down and release it.
3. It has three resolution modes, and you need to just switch it to HD (720P!) and not look back. (Left side of camcorder).

After it was fully charged, I plugged it into my PC and Windows detected it, and asked me if I wanted to install the Memory Manager software. I said yes. It installed Memory Manager and immediately told me there was a new version. Cool! RCA made some improvements or something, so I let it update it. After it installed it again, it told me that the camcorder it self also had an update. Wow! I let it update the camcorder. It was very simple!

I have been playing with the Memory Manager software and it is very slick! It lets me edit and cut videos into a larger (or smaller) video and save them. I can even splice different resolution of videos together. I can also use it to create a smaller size video to email to friends, or upload to Youtube! This thing is SWEET!


This product really nice..
I would like to purchase one.



Another "cut and paste" review on this camcorder... your reviews smell fishy to me. Stop spamming your positive "cut and paste" comments and let real people talk about their experiences.

I would remove his review.


Ah..look like its good review, so RCA product is the product that you recommended, is there any comparison for this product?

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Handy cameras are convenient especially if you're traveling from place to place. But i still prefer those complete but large things because of the complete features in it. :) cool post. very informative

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This is a really nice product. Gonna buy this soon

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Finally. This is the one that I've been looking for. I saw this one in a mall, I forgot to ask the sales lady about the model that is why I was looking for it here. Thanks for posting!!

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Compare it to the Flip Web site, which features their latest models, the ultra and ultraHD. It's a much more engaging site. The company also offers the cameras to charitable organizations for use free of charge through their Flip Video Spotlight program.

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People says that it resembles to the Flip video camera that everyone flip and get the snap.The main things is that it has the great facility as well as the less expensive.People like the it by using it.Over all review is quiet successful.

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This small and compact digital camcorder is the perfect camera phone to record video on the go. He is ready to record at any time. Besides the sleek design and 720p HD video recording, the memory manager software included perfect for sharing your favorite videos with You tube or e-mail.

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