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August 05, 2009


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Brenda Young

I was just looking at Posterous for most of the reasons you mentioned. --It's that extra space for a longer comment and the ability to export that seems compelling.

Marc Meyer

Hey Paul, nice post, I like these. Quick question; Can either be used with specific domains? Or do they both use some variance of a subdomain?

Mark Simmons

Hello, Paul.

We have a few new things coming out in the next week that will allow you to manage all of your life streaming, microblogging, and more all via TypePad. Check out http://www.typepad.com/features/blogit.html to try out the TypePad bookmarklet.

Paul Chaney

You can set both up with TLD's. For example, my Posterous blog is www.paulchaney.net.

Paul Chaney

Checking it out now Mark. Thanks for the heads-up.

Paul Chaney

Posterous and Tumblr really add the extra that's needed that Twitter lacks. I like it because you can use it as the engine to run all your blogging and micro-blogging activities.

Mark Simmons

Let me know what you think. Well be launching a lot more cool stuff next week, including a few microblogging themes like the one im using on my micro / mini blog: http://markthink.typepad.com/bullet_list/. (Thats an example, not link bait. :) )

Also, I think youve seen the cross-posting features in TypePad. Were working on improving that as well.

Paul Chaney

Tell me more Mark. Looking forward to new themes. I like the Blogit bookmarklet. Very nice and comparable to what Posterous offers.

Jim "Genuine" Turner

I was reminiscing about blogging's good old days a few weeks back. I was thinking about blog rolls and trackbacks and comments and all the things that we now think are antiquated. I actually have these other tools but they still feel like blogging to me.

Nike Shox Turmoil

This is excellent news, we old hands have worried about this

important site for years, I recorded it in the 1960's.

air jordan 1

I like these. Quick question; Can either be used with specific domains? Or do they both use some variance of a subdomain?

Paul Chaney

Both support custom domain names.

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