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October 30, 2009


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Get Free Publicity

It was great to hear you suggest sharing your knowledge...I hope people listen and take your advice. In this day and age no one shares ideas they just steal them.

Jason Crouch

Paul - From what I have witnessed and experienced over the last couple of years, I think there's great value in sharing our knowledge with others for no obligation. I used to have a "scarcity" mentality, thinking that everyone in my industry in this area was a competitor. When I began to share openly, I found a lot of new friends, both locally and nationally. To continue your biblical theme, you truly reap what you sow.


great post, when you give, it will always come back in multiples. Sometimes that takes time, some times it isn't obvious, but that is just how life is. It takes a very enlightened person to embrace that idea fully as you have and I know for sure you are the better man for it!

Paul Chaney

@Get Free - I hope people listen as well. It's not very "practical" advice though.

@Jason - I think the Bible probably has a lot to say about this topic that's very applicable to social media. Am even thinking of doing a series on the topic.

@Janie - I'd like to believe that it does come back "pressed down...running over." :-)


I like the question at the bottom of your post, about whether it belongs in a .org mindset to share.

Personally i think that freely sharing definitely belongs in the .com mindset. You mention Chris Brogan and I think he is a great example of how freely sharing can create profit.

I think the though part is optimizing for more profit from the free stuff and convincing others about the value of sharing. I have found that this becomes easier, once you put it into the frames of a business model, like freemium.
Then it is possible to illustrate the economic rational much better.

r4i kort

In the era of the Internet and social media, it's just as important for us to think before we post content to a forum, a blog or our accounts on services like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. Just last month, both Google and bing.com

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