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October 29, 2009


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I really like Posterous for the creative personal outlet. I have had a Professional blog for several years, but I didn't like to put too much personal, off topic, etc. content on it and I really didn't have the time to create an "everything else" blog to do so. Posterous has taken away the excuse. Set up is dead simple as is posting and sharing. I love the book marklet when I run across a photo or video I find interesting. It is a great outlet for the real "us" that might be a little more off topic than our "professional" blogs.

Paul Chaney

Agreed. It's a nice "compromise." :-)

dsi r4

My favorite social media tool is Twitter, because it encourages brevity AND conversation, which is hard to find in one package. But there's an art to using Twitter well, especially if you're tweeting as the voice of a business or brand.

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