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October 12, 2009


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James Malanowski

I have a real estate web site I've been building and tweaking with WordPress since the beginning of the year. Content on the site is lacking so far since I'm one of those that's never quite satisfied. However, the few articles I've posted show up quickly on Google and get quite a few clicks.

The listings I've posted as articles ended up highly ranked and have made my phone ring. With this minuscule amount of testing, I can only imagine how well the site will do when I actually get the content in that I want.

This may not relate to your topic exactly, but my point is that Google likes blogs and WordPress tends to have decent SEO so if your goal is getting in front of people that haven't heard of you before, put up a blog site instead of (or in addition to) your static site and people will find you.

Hopefully, if your content is engaging, people will come back to you and you can form a community around yourself/your company and that will bring in more people. That is my theory, anyway ... Now just to follow my own advice! :)


Is there a balance that needs to be made between social and sales pitch...? Does any of your links direct people to an ad page...? What are your thoughts on single page landing pages...?


Social Media is good for business development too...any business. Social media = marketing. Hand in hand, it is flexible to cover any industry both online AND offline.

It is the way you get your business out there in front of peers, current customers, and potential customers. As an observation living in a small town (and with plenty of experience traveling and living in larger cities), a lot of small town businesses are afraid of this approach.

However, when it comes time - say for example Centralia has a yearly Balloon Fest that draws people from around the country. Social Media would boost more attention towards people they are trying to reach, especially during their fest or other big events. A nearby town that is almost the same size is fairing a lot better (Mount Vernon) because they do have a little more inkling about the dynamics of marketing and how to use the internet to push their content/ product.

And yes, you are right... small business owners do not have time nor money to invest in social media. I believe that making services more affordable for small business owners would be a big key, and overall benefit for people who already market others websites successfully. The conventions are nice, but a lot of them are really expensive... not sure whether due to speaker's fees, meals/ snacks (for those that include them) and combination of venue, but I have suggested more work to obtaining more sponsors to lower costs, especially for business owners that may have smaller pockets starting out.

As for my story, I have been blogging for over 6 years. I am a web and graphic designer, developed several websites for myself as well as clients, and helped market. I provide some webmaster tools as I have narrowed my focus of my site Blondish.net and separated my personal life to my mommy blog, and in the midst of still moving content. The refocus I started in December 2008 has brought my site from over 1.3 million rank in Alexa to 131K. All of my other sites in my network have also improved including my Short URL script and site I made and give for free.

Although I web design and dabble in webhosting, I have really found that even though I have focused on my other sites, I have actually gotten more business and I believe it is due to trust. I may give a lot, but I even in words, donations at times (as thanks for my php scripts people use), and my clients for my web design and hosting, I receive back just as much and maybe more. :) I have even been able to go back to school because of all of this too.


Another great article Paul.

My two cents:

Keep in mind that even in this social era social media and sales are not equal. While there is a seismic shift away from one-way advertising/sales models social media in its pure form is not a direct replacement for "straight up sales".

If your target is to increase sales your strategy should focus on that, the channel should be social media.

Without a "call to action" people will just take your valuable information and add it to your "authority" or credibility.

Paul Chaney

It's a good theory James.

Paul Chaney

All good questions Ian. Balance is the key word. Can have both authentic conversations and calls-to-action if done correctly.

Paul Chaney

Wow! That's an extensive and well-reasoned response. Thanks.

Paul Chaney

That's true. Integrating social media and other channels is best. It has a place in the sales process though, to b sure.

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