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November 18, 2009


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Jay Ehret

It would be a little late now to start a movement, don't you think, Paul? It would seem artificial to me. Movements don't start by someone saying, "Hey, let's start a movement."

Paul Chaney

I see your point Jay. Movements "happen." I guess I could have asked, "How does SixApart gain market share?," but I like the ring of "movement" better.

Mark Simmons

Thanks, Paul, for the great post. We'll be putting these ideas in action!

Mark Simmons

I totally agree there is no way to say "let's start a movement." But there is a way to say "how do we help our customers be successful" and "how do we help our best customers spread the word."

At Six Apart, we re-ignited that effort over a year ago by investing time, energy and people(!) into our customer support, community support and product teams to make sure we had the best product and the best team to support our customers. Movements don't start with a campaign, they start with real connections between people.

I'd love to talk about this some more with you. And Paul's blog is a great place to do it since he's a great example of this in action.

TypePad team

Paul Chaney

Thanks for putting things into perspective Mark. I tend to be a little philosophical about this stuff, so the term "movement" came naturally. Maybe a useful term would be "build community." Essentially, that's what we're attempting to do.

And, yes, you and Jay discuss it here. I need all the comments I can get! :-)

Paul Chaney

Happy to submit my two cents Mark.

Jay Ehret

Thanks, Mark. I think you can build a strong brand based on a passion. Customer support is a great way to build a community and a following, for example, Zappos. And it's something that's missing from other blogging platforms.

Paul Chaney

That's certainly an area where 6A gets high marks. Ginevra and others do a great job. However, there are things 6A should be doing to incite their loyal customers to foster greater WOM - the user group conference and meetups being just two. I'm happy to hear that they plan to implement such things in the coming year.

Chris Ewald

Thanks, Paul, for the post and mentioning the VerticalResponse Marketing Lounge. We find our community is a great way to communicate with our customers and those interested in discussing small business marketing.

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