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November 25, 2009


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Actually, the solution is in the lists.

Follow people, then move them into a list for future tracking.

Then unfollow them from the main list, and follow different people.

Paul Chaney

Could you explain that in greater detail please? I'm not sure I get how that remedies the problem.

Carri Bugbee

Ike's suggestion to follow and unfollow people just to build up a list of followers is what I call a black hat technique and I don't advise it. I've seen people do it and followers call them out on it. Moreover, it's not in the spirit of conversational media, which should have a high degree of reciprocity.

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Paul Chaney

I tend not to favor Ike's approach simply from a time management standpoint. It seems it could get confusing, would to me anyway. As to blackhat, Ike's always had a bit of gangster in him anyway! :-) (Love ya, man! Only kidding with ya, in hopes I can get away with it...knowing I probably can't.)


Paul, my stream is WAY too big.

Once there is a tool to make it quicker, I will move a bunch of people to lists.

I don't need to follow all my Politics folks in my main stream, if I want to check in on that realm I will do it in a list.

Same with those I follow for Wordpress development. You don't have to "Follow" them to follow them in a list.

Then I can save my Follow List for those I really want to follow.


Carri... you don't know me so you wouldn't know, but I would NEVER advocate following/unfollowing just to build a following.



Not once.

What I am referring to is using the lists to keep your realms and spheres of influence sorted.

There are a lot of interesting people talking about economics, and I want to eavesdrop on them. But I don't want to have it scattered with the Wordpress Development stuff, and the Social Media stuff.

Likewise, there are a bunch of local people I want to follow to gauge local trends, but I don't necessarily want to grant them access to DM me.

Again, if I gave the impression that I was advocating empty followings, then it's my fault for not being clear. (Hell, my claim to fame is MOCKING those weasels. Ask Paul.)


Thank you in advance for your quick answer !. Very nice post.

Paul Chaney

I knew I couldn't get away with it. Good answer Ike!

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