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November 10, 2009


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With all the networks we are on personally and professionally I do see a need to make it easy to share across them and aggregate them in some way. As long as I can mark which tweets flow over to LinkedIn I think it's OK. Problem is, many won't and we will get more twitter chatter passed over to adding to the information overload we have.

Sharon Mostyn

Great post, Paul! From the Mashable article http://mashable.com/2009/11/09/twitter-linkedin-sync/ it looks like there will be an "opt-in" for selective updates which should help eliminate the "what I had for dinner" posts on LinkedIn. I hope that users are conscientious about what they're including on any web posts, but especially when posting cross-platform (Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Blog - etc.) they need to think about the audience that the posts are reaching and write appropriately.

Lori Miller

Too little, too late. Giving us a way to opt-over to Linkedin updates may actually help folks remember to update their Linkedin page (beyond when you change jobs, that is).

But will it actually help Linkedin? I don't think so.

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