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December 15, 2009


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Barbara Bix

I wonder to what extent it will increase B2B companies' likelihood to learn more about their prospects' and customers' needs and wants before creating products, promotions, etc. I saw a survey recently that said that product managers saw the product roadmap is an important piece of their work but that they spent relatively little time with customers or prospects.

To that same end, I wonder how social media will change marketing research investments, particularly in the B2B space, where you often don't have the populations you require to do statistically significant quantitative research. How will social media supplement or erode qualitative research? Will it cause more or less to be done?

Another question is will companies start using it more for internal communications--that is learning more about what's important to employees or what's working for Sales?

Jay the Indianapolis Handyman

I think most people forget that business is all about relationships. Social media just presents another avenue for business to connect with their clients and potential clients. As long as we remember that fact, we are lightyears ahead of the competition when using social media

Paul Chaney

From one "handyman" to a real handyman, that's good advice others should take heed to. Thanks, Jay, for the input.

Boise Handyman

I have a Facebook acount, Twitter account (boisehandyman) and looking into others, but does it really make a difference? I get more work from ranking #1 for specific keywords for repair work in my area than I get from Facebook and Twitter combined, and this is with over 2,000 followers in Twitter.

Question: Do they really work? It seems to me that people treat Twitter like a competition to see how many followers they can get. After all, who can read tweets from 2,000 or more followers? I would have to stay at my computer 24/7 to read them all and I wouldn't get any of the work done from those who find my site in Google.

Paul Chaney

Boise Handyman - the best way I can answer your question is "it depends." It certainly can work for you, but you have to work it using best practices. For example, Twitter is not all about having large numbers of followers, it's about having the followers that are relevant to you. If you're business is geographically focused, then your follower-base should be as well.

It's also not a matter of following large numbers either. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et al, is about building relationships with the target audience that is best-suited to you.

It's engaging people in conversation, finding out what is of interest to them (as it relates to your business), then providing the resources and information that's useful. It helps to create top of mind awareness and build a bridge of trust.

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