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February 05, 2010


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Reading through the other cited authors here,we all resonate with information/communication overload, multiple identity, "splintering" of content sources, sites, social networks, and multiple devices etc problem. I'd love to hear the suggestions and opinions of the readers of this forum. Thanks Paul for starting it.

Paul Chaney

You started it Michael, as did Josh, Geoff and Rich among others. I just found the thread. But, you're right, we've got a real problem/opportunity on our hands here that, in my view, cries for a feasible solution, not unlike what you proffered in your post.


This is an interesting post and it reminds me why more & more I'm saying no to new social networks (modern day clicques) and just sticking with a short, manageable list of them. What's interesting, too, is seeing how certain sites, hardware or apps reflect our other basic beliefs or philosophies, as with the difference in the way iPhone voters cast their ballots vs those of the Blackberries. Sociologists will have a field day with this stuff.

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