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April 27, 2010


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Coach Tim SEO

Great metaphor for social networking. Thanks Paul.

Preston Guyton - Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Paul, I have bought your book: Digital Handshake and just started reading...I think "Trust" building exercise on Social media is really very important. Thank you for this valuable post here...


Paul - Nice analogy. It's great to "close the circle" by connecting on multiple platforms with those that are important to us. As you mentioned, it also gives you a more three-dimensional look into each friend/follower.

Paul Chaney

Thanks for commenting Tim.

Paul Chaney

Thanks for purchasing the book Preston. Let me know what you think of it.

Paul Chaney

It does seem like an apt analogy. And, yes, it allows you to see more than one side of person. LI gives you insight to the business side, Facebook to the personal and Twitter to what they're thinking at any given moment. From a prospecting standpoint, I see it as a way to qualify the prospect and use interaction as a way to warm them up.

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better late than never


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