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April 12, 2010


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Great point, Paul. I think in many ways a lot of companies get what they want by creating these widgets, knowing how low the conversion rate will be. So, if we use the widget, they are, in effect, getting free advertising, without really giving anything back.

Think about it...would you order a pizza from a widget? Not me. Maybe sometime, but we're not at that point in time in terms of Web 2.0...or 3.0...for that matter.

Paul Chaney

The issue for me is not just of income, but of relevance. How weird would it be to see a pizza widget appearing on my blog, or my FB page for that matter. I think that's true for a lot of people. Still, Domino's has massive reach, so I'm sure the program will do well.


Agreed, no one with any sense would be willing to give away what amounts to ad impressions for almost free. For Domino's to think this "idea" will take off on its own merits is quite funny. They'd be better off creating a video in hopes of it going viral.

Paul Chaney

Actually, it probably will take off, but only because Domino's has the advertising muscle to make it happen.

The dirty little secret behind affiliate marketing is that, unless your site is a)either highly-niched, or b)has large amounts of traffic, you're not going to make much money. And for the advertiser, it is a boon. If someone clicks, the payout is small; if no one clicks, they still receive advertising benefit and at no cost.

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