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June 01, 2010


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I confess I had to re-read the second most valued type of tweet "are broadcast-style announcements" because I find it so hard to believe. Unless you are a news source that people follow to get "the scoop", anyone else broadcasting information will get lost in the shuffle unless you have acquired some level of social capital.

I totally get the conversion thing (you know I do) and believe in the power of it. There are 2 types of conversion though - the numbers on your site, and the actual conversion of those numbers into actual business - you need the first to get the latter, but then we would also need to talk about quality of those numbers....but I digress

Broadcasting needs to come from a useful source, period - that's MHO of course.

Paul Chaney

Thanks for your expert insights Ines. Always welcome.

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In the future, all media will be social, so there will be less need to dichotomize it. That's great!I believe that.


I am still trying to get used to the internet, it changes so quickly its unreal. good post thankyou

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