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July 29, 2010


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Donna Clayton Lloyd

Just the thought of not being able to hold a book in my hand--- with all the cover art -- just kills me. And-- to think of not being able to go to Barnes and Nobles and SEE them--- feel, preview, etc. How will I know what I want to buy without that 'fix". Most of all- -the ambiance. But--- now I'm going to think about what the new world will look like and how I can get ready for it!

Tom Nolan

I think there will always be a small market for books for two reasons..your always gonna have traditionalists who refuse the uptake of new technology and two..there comes a point when you get sick of staring at a screen with computers at work, tv's at home, phones to text, sat nav for directions. This can happen to anyone and books give a welcome break from this, so while i agree sales will drop dramatically i'm sure there still will be hard copies just in tiny volumes!


Books will never go away, just as paper and pen won't. There's something very visceral about having the tangible in hand. Plus, last time I checked, my paper didn't crash :)

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