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August 23, 2010


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Maria Reyes-McDavis

Such a GREAT wrap-up Paul! Love to read your insights when changes are upon us :-)

Paul Chaney

Thank you Maria. And I LOVE the encouragement I always receive from you. You're my "Barnabus." :-)

Victor Canada

Paul, Very informative and thorough article. Timely for me as well. I'm teaching a Social Media class at LSU geared towards Graphic Designers and Web Developers on Wednesday. I'm sure all these changes will be hot topics for the students.

I agree that FBML apps will likely go away. Of course, iFrames were used with Facebook for a while and then went away due to security concerns. I'm sure FB has figured out the security part and that's why iFrames are coming back.

FB Places is a smart addition by FB and businesses should be able to gain from it. The aspect of users posting their experience at a place for others to see long term could be really positive for many companies.

Thanks for the great work Paul.

Paul Chaney

Thank you Victor. Much success with the class. I'm anxious to be able to incorporate the use of iframes. Might be easier than using FBML.

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