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September 06, 2010


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Jon Burg

The real value of circulars in Facebook is going to come along with a very flexible redesign of the platform. Ideally, every item would be sharable/likable and be comment enabled. This should be the case across both the Facebook App/Tab and the brand site (possibly post log-in).

Eventual s-commerce in this environment would also be wicked.

To your point, there is a lot of opportunity and this is where the space will go. What do you think is holding this back? I'm sure we're not the first people to have this discussion.

Paul Chaney

Thanks Jon for weighing in with some excellent points. I'm probably over-simplifying what it would take to make a transition from email to FB, but still think it's an idea worth considering. Perhaps when fan pages support iframe technology, the idea would be simpler to deploy.

Regardless, there is some exciting stuff taking place within the social commerce sector. It's a cool space to watch for sure.


When I think of social media as a converstaion rather than shouting across the room to people at a gathering, I wonder of the effectiveness of these types of advertising tactics.

I believe that to be effective with social media the messags have to be more personal or will be discarded as one more intrusion.

It isn't enough to have an offering but more important to listen to what is being discussed, and then offering a response--build trust in the act of listening first and responding later, wouldn't you agree?

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