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September 23, 2010


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Teresa boardman

I exported mine to word press a few months ago. it is easy to do but the photos have to be added manually so it will be some time before I launch it. Please back yours up.

Paul Chaney

Good advice Teresa. Yes, migrating is a hassle. I'm holding out on making any changes at the moment, but will back up the data to be sure.


Hey there! I'm Natalie, a TypePad Product Manager. TypePad will stay the stable, lovable blogging platform that it has always has been. (Yes, lovable. That's what it is to me!)

It's true that we're heading in a different direction than the pure blogging-software company that we have been, but it's been because of listening to bloggers' wants and needs to be successful at blogging, whether that's through greater distribution of their content, or through more opportunities to be paid to do what they love. Working as a new company with the VideoEgg team will bring benefits to bloggers of all platforms -- even beyond TypePad or Movable Type.

I've been at Six Apart a long time, and I've worked with a lot of bloggers and publishing houses using our software. We've considered our motto to be "We help bloggers succeed", and that purpose still stands true.

If you have any more questions, though, you can send me an email, and I'd be happy to answer them: [email protected].

Paul Chaney

Thanks for the feedback Natalie. My greatest concern is whether the platform will continue to be supported and improve, so I hope you're right.

However, allow me to voice an additional concern. My focus over the years has been on advocating for Typepad as a tool for small business use. For some time now, Typepad has cast itself in that light. Will that emphasis continue, or, if as I'm reading and hearing on the SAY Media site, will the emphasis completely redirect to a focus on those who wish to be "emerging media personalities?"

Paul Chaney

Actually, Natalie, there is yet another concern. It's not that the platform will be maintained, even upgraded, but that the platform will be upgraded to suit the needs of the "media" business. That may very well coincide with the needs of those of us who don't intend on taking advantage of the benefits resulting from the merger, but who want an easy to use blog platform. On the other hand, it may not. It's too early to tell at this point, but I won't be surprised if and when the rug is pulled out from under us. If that happens, then I'll have no choice but to bail. If the concerns of a long-time user and advocate mean anything, then I hope SAY Media takes mine into consideration.

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