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September 28, 2010


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Bede Fahey

Hi Paul,

Of your list, I'm a big fan of WordPress.com because it seems to offer the most professional look and feel. I agree completely with your thoughts on Blogger.

I'm intrigued by Posterous due to its integration with other platforms, and the ease with which you can post things - especially via email.

With so many hosts offering easy or "one-click" install for WordPress, it seems as though WordPress.org would be attractive to people looking for a fairly hassle free option.

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WP carries more professional and business look. Even Google likes Wordpress platform and installation is also very simple, easy and fast.

Google Local SEO

In blogging I usually used TypePad for posting my blogs. But I will be very thankful that you have provided tips in lieu of TypePad. Actually, I am much more comfortable using TypePad than any other sites for blogging.

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I would love to see what you think of OfficePOD; leasing office space direct to employers but for that space to be located in the gardens of their employees. This is the future of corporate real estate.

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When can be the actual iphone five likely to appear? I have verizon and would certainly like to acquire the apple iphone when my contract comes to an end in August, I would like to discover when the iphone five is coming out at any time in the near future, simply because if so, I would stick it out more time to have that instead of the iphone 4.

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