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September 27, 2010


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Account Deleted

...but exactly that might be the direction of evolution of blogging itself. They still can have it both ways. At least the probability seems to be far above zero.

Paul Chaney

But, can they have it both ways? Can they be both a software products company AND a media company? Speaking of software companies, Microsoft just announced the company is dumping its own product, LiveSpaces, in favor of using Wordpress...and MSFT is a software company.

What I'm saying is that it's one thing to have a proprietary platform on which a media company is built. It's another to also position yourself as a software products company supporting bloggers who have no interest in the media side of the equation.

Time will tell.

Account Deleted

Nowadays, being a media company does not imply content production: the content comes from customers a. k. a. "users". And it should arrive if, among *other* factors, the software platform involved is reliable enough. If a customer wishes not to use full spectrum of the features of the software, one still has all of the tools necessary for textual blogging. The point here is that further innovation of the traditional blogging is impossible. I am that categorical as I have seen and discussed source code of many blog softs. What I see, over years, is that improvements involve only technical aspects, such as higher reliability, less memory, better programming style, etc. No new ideas, though...
Overall, there is still a risk and Typepad seems to gamble but these two ways (being a media *aggregation* and software production company) *should* converge.
And yes, there is no guarantee. Indeed, time will tell. But I would take a calculated risk :)


Typepad will remain the typepad we now, just better.


Good thing that Typepad would remain. I wonder if this platform will continue to develop and make blogging more fun.

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You and your blog bring me joy!!! Love the video too!!! It is funny that you posted this, I have really been trying harder in the past couple of weeks to find more Joy, and look at things with a more positive attitude. I will definitely print some copies of your sign and post them everywhere!

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